Liza Echeverry is a Colombian jewelry designer, highly experienced and recognized at an international level.
Her passion for the craft comes from her paternal grandfather, who was also a goldsmith. He was Liza´s first inspiration. Seeing his love for the work, ignited an inner spark that, combined with the pre-Columbian tradition of her native country, forged Liza as a trendsetting artist by making small art pieces full of innovation, outstanding artisanal workmanship, and environmental consciousness.
A Liza Echeverry Jewelry piece can easily be recognized for its signature handmade braids, symbolizing the connecting threads of two generations of jewelers through time, while also being a distinctive feminine design trait dating from historical times. It´s known that during slavery, women would braid their hairs to remind their families of the paths to freedom. Honoring those stories, Liza re-tells them with her art.
As a designer, Liza has assumed a responsibility to preserve our world, by adopting a strict sustainability code, that contributes to the wellbeing of our people and the beauty of our planet. Each piece she has designed is either gold plated or made form Colombian gold, that has been responsible mined. Each Liza Echeverry jewelry piece has been hand made in Colombia by traditional local artisans.
Liza´s peculiar ability to interpret her customer´s needs and feelings, leads to materialized designs. That is why she now offers private spaces to develop exclusive and unique custom-made pieces.