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Liza Echeverry Colombia Colombian Jewelry


is a common turn of phrase we use when a craft is passed down from grandparent to grandchild or when storied family heritage filters through generations. Liza Echeverry, the granddaughter of a goldsmith, had always appreciated the pieces accumulated from her grandfather’s workbench but never considered pursuing jewelry making. Originally from Colombia, Liza moved to the U.S. after graduating university with a psychology degree. Fate soon intervened, as she began dating someone who was in the jewelry business. It was then that Liza had her big “aha” moment, and with pliers in hand, she began creating her own designs and developing her distinct style. “It was so instinctively in my blood, that I surprised myself when I fused these images in my head with actual materials. This rich history that extends 100 years into my past was manifesting into the jewelry I was making myself. It was exciting!” During this period, Liza began to experiment with different textures, techniques, and materials that led her to develop pieces reflective of her own style. Soon after she began selling her work to retailers in Miami, the financial crisis affected her as it did many others. Liza had to put her burgeoning dream on hold.


After landing an acting role in Colombia, the doe-eyed beauty returned home to plan her next move. Fate once again took over, and this new chapter of her life came accompanied by love. Around this time, she met her husband Luis and a rekindled her desire to make her jewelry. The happy couple expanded their relationship into a working partnership and began their “life project” together: Liza Echeverry Jewelry. Luis took the reins as CEO, managing the administration, finance, and production, while Liza got back to the workbench. Fast forward a few years, and the couple still has love in their eyes and a shared determination to build the next chapter of their family legacy. The brand has successfully built a cult following in Latin America and is now steadily entering the U.S. fashion market to stake its claim.

Currently based in Medellín with her husband and son, Liza manufactures each piece of her jewelry line there. Her artisans are also steeped in decades of their craft and work side-by-side to translate her paintings into earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Each piece is handmade in bronze, plated in 24k Colombian gold, and nickel-free. Liza Echeverry Jewelry is currently sold in 17 countries but that list is quickly expanding. Liza Echeverry has encapsulated the spirit of a woman who takes delight in what she wears. Liza's are pieces that will exist in the jewelry boxes of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters alike, lending a new tradition to women making their mark in style.


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