Liza Echeverry: Jewelry Designer

Liza Echeverry is a Colombian jewelry designer, highly experienced and recognized at an international level.

Her passion for the craft comes from her paternal grandfather, who was also a goldsmith. He was Liza´s first inspiration. Seeing his love for the work, ignited an inner spark that, combined with the pre-Columbian tradition of her native country, forged Liza as a trendsetting artist by making small art pieces full of innovation, outstanding artisanal workmanship, and environmental consciousness.

A Liza Echeverry Jewelry piece can easily be recognized for its handwoven twists, symbolizing the connecting threads of two generations of jewelers through time, while also being a distinctive feminine design trait dating from historical times. It´s known that during slavery, women would braid their hairs to remind their families of the paths to freedom. Honoring those stories, Liza re-tells them with her art.

As a designer, Liza has assumed a responsibility to preserve our world, by adopting a strict sustainability code, that contributes to the wellbeing of our people and the beauty of our planet. Each piece she has designed is either gold plated or made form Colombian gold, that has been responsible mined. Each Liza Echevvery jewelry piece has been hand made in Colombia by traditional local artisans.

Liza´s peculiar ability to interpret her customer´s needs and feelings, leads to materialized designs. That is why she now offers private spaces to develop exclusive and unique custom-made pieces.

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The custom of decorating the body with jewelry is old. The earliest jewels had simple shapes and were made from shells, bones, and stones, and were worn as protective talismans.

The discovery of metals and how to work with them revolutionized the art of jewelry, and over time goldsmiths and artisans unlocked the unique potential of different metals.

Liza Echeverry Colombian Jewelry Colombian Gold Snake bracelet


The art has taken many forms throughout the centuries, from the simple beadwork of ancient times to the sophisticated metalworking and gem cutting known in the modern-day. An art that pre-Columbian cultures in Colombia had already mastered before the arrival of the Europeans.

As such, Liza has honed her skills and creativity pursuing her dream of becoming a Jewelry Designer, to date she has worked hard to create beautiful art becoming a true Jewelry Designer following her roots, a culture well known for Colombian Gold and it’s beautiful pieces.

Liza is an intensely motivated jewelry designer, extremely goal-driven, and a powerhouse in everything that she does. She faces every challenge with complete confidence and expresses true professionalism in the jewelry industry.

It runs in the family

Growing up, Liza had an excellent opportunity to observe her grandfather embrace his immense skills as a goldsmith. He was her first inspiration, and this experience silently ignited the fire within her to become a successful jewelry designer herself.

Growing up

As she grew, Liza relocated from Colombia to the United States after proudly earning her Psychology Degree. It was during this time that her passion for jewelry designing surfaced in full force. She diligently began experimenting with different textures and materials to create her own unique and elegant pieces that she devotedly sold to retailers in Miami.

Liza always keeps going ahead to fulfill her dreams. While landing an acting role, she again dedicated her time to her jewelry designs. With persistence and determination, Liza successfully launched her company called Liza Echeverry Jewelry, where you can find pieces made of Colombian gold with rich textures and a unique lust, like braided gold pieces such as chokers, necklaces, and more.


In just a few short years, her store has dominated areas of Latin America and is now making its grand entrance into the United States. To date, Liza’s jewelry line is being sold in over 17 different countries, and that number only continues to rise.

Currently residing in Miami, Liza continues to thrive and design new jewelry pieces with her bare hands that make incredible statements. Each and every one of her products are plated in 24 karats Colombian gold and comes with its certificate of origin. The gems Liza uses are all uniquely different and give each piece that special touch.

Liza is without a doubt a highly creative and talented jewelry designer, enlightening and promoting positive energy through her store. She is incredibly passionate and experienced in the jewelry industry, guiding her customers to help them feel inspired and beautiful.

Being a jewelry designer is to commit to beauty in all its forms.

Liza’s Atelier has become well known for her jewelry design and quality. But she es also well known for her commitment to our planet. As a jewelry designer, she has a took upon herself the responsibility of maintaining our world, adopting a strict code of sustainability, contributing to the wellness of our people, and the beauty of our planet. 

Every piece she has designed is made of Colombian gold which has been extracted through responsible mining and comes with its certificate. All Liza Echeverry Jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Medellín, Colombia by local artisans of the highest level.

Every single product of every collection is now available for international shipping.  All online orders ship from Los Angeles, California.