I explain briefly what karats are in jewelry | By Liza Echeverry

Today I want to delve together into the fascinating world of gold carats. At Liza Echeverry Jewelry, the quality and exceptional brilliance of our pieces are paramount, which is why we use 18-karat gold. But what does that really mean? Join me as we explore.

What Are Carats in Gold? In simple terms, carats (abbreviated as "kt" or "K") are a measure of the purity of gold. This unit is used to indicate the proportion of pure gold in an alloy. In other words, carats tell us how much real gold is in a piece of jewelry compared to other metals.

Common Types of Gold in Jewelry:

24-Karat Gold:

This is pure gold in its most natural state. However, it's too soft for everyday jewelry and is more commonly used in coins and bullion.

22-Karat Gold:

It contains 91.7% pure gold. Although more durable than 24-karat gold, it's still relatively soft and is used in luxury jewelry.

18-Karat Gold:

This is the choice of Liza Echeverry Jewelry. It contains 75% pure gold, striking a perfect balance between durability and exceptional brilliance. It's ideal for high-quality jewelry.

14-Karat Gold:

With 58.3% pure gold, it's a more durable and affordable option. It's an excellent choice that, due to its strength and affordability, is widely used by people.

10-Karat Gold:

It contains 41.7% pure gold. Although more durable, it has less luster and is used in more accessible jewelry.

Why Do We Choose 18-Karat Gold? At Liza Echeverry Jewelry, we opt for 18-karat gold because we believe in offering maximum quality and durability without compromising the distinctive brilliance of pure gold. Our pieces are designed to be admired and worn daily, and 18-karat gold allows us to achieve that perfect balance.

I hope this exploration of carats in gold has been informative and helpful in understanding the quality behind the jewelry I create with passion.✨