Why Colombian Jewelry?

To understand Colombian Jewelry first we need to understand where the fascination for jewels comes from.

The custom of decorating the body with jewelry is old. The earliest jewels had simple shapes and were made from shells, bones, and stones, and were worn as protective talismans.

The discovery of metals and how to work with them revolutionized the art of jewelry, and over time goldsmiths and artisans unlocked the unique potential of different metals.

Colombian Jewelry Liza Echeverry

In the same way that stones each have their own associations and characteristics, metals are also unique in their characteristics and composition.

Precious metals are highly prized in jewelry making and include gold and silver, the use of which is widely used in Colombian jewelry to create precious and personal expressions of style. Different metals enhance different skin tones, especially the glow of gold adds a warm glow to any look.

Traditional Colombian jewelry is well known for its style and history, Liza Echeverry’s collections blend traditional and contemporary styles with fashionable textures rich in detail and texture.

Traditional Filigree in Colombia

Each piece of Colombian Jewelry is inspired by tradition and history, they hold the essence of pre-Columbian art while still maintaining bold and modern designs that keep evolving in time. Each collection has taken inspiration from different aspects of Liza’s life, imprinting delicacy, beauty, and sophistication into her products.

Traditional Filigree in Colombia

Filigree is a form of intricate metalwork, an ancient technique of elaborating 100% handmade jewelry by weaving fine threads of silver or gold.

Mompox is a district in Colombia located in the northern area of Bolívar. About 248 km south of Cartagena.

This city shares the title of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

It seems that time does not pass in Mompox.  For centuries, and by virtue of their work, goldsmiths have preserved the fame of a city that is as beautiful as the exquisite jewelry it produces.

Technique of Ancient Times

The basis of the filigree is gold filament. Just about anything an artist can imagine and conceive can be made from these strands of gold. It all depends on his or her creativity, sensitivity, and manual skills.

Many Colombian traditions, art, and history are present in most of our collections,  mainly on her braided gold choker, earrings, and necklaces, and many more.

Liza’s work takes inspiration from different motives, not always strictly traditional jewelry from her country, she has worked hard to bring new shine to her traditions and evolve her style in every collection while still keeping her roots very close to her heart.

Reminiscence of past and modern creativity​

Liza’s braided gold jewelry has become a trademark of her brand, in her own words, braids are a symbol and connection of her history with her grandfather, a well known Colombian jeweler, and goldsmith and traditional art pieces made using the pa filigree technique creating beautiful and unique jewelry while representing strong femininity and elegance. Gold-braided Colombian jewelry is truly an expression of style and fashion.

Liza has managed to create a true statement of fashion and culture mixing elegant designs with a rich part of Colombian culture by demonstrating beautiful craftsmanship in the form of the most exquisite rings, necklaces, and earrings made of  Colombian Gold.

Each collection and every piece of Liza Echeverry’s products is plated in 24 karats Colombian gold which has been extracted through responsible mining and comes with its certificate of origin following our strict code of sustainability, contributing to the wellness of our people and the beauty of our planet. All Liza Echeverry Jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Medellín, Colombia by local artisans of the highest level.

Every single product of every collection is now available for international shipping.