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Colombian Gold History

With a beauty that has conquered people’s hearts and minds for centuries, gold has been used for ornamental purposes. The earliest Colombian linked gold to deities and royalty due to their brilliance and sense of permanence found in beautiful handmade jewelry.

Gold is the oldest precious metal known to mankind making it one of the fundamentals of handcrafted jewelry. The earliest evidence of our fascination with glittering metal is gold pieces found in caves used by Paleolithic man more than 40,000 years ago. With its natural and beautiful luster, unique density, excellent workability, and resistance to fogging, gold can be molded into almost any shape.

Colombia: Gold, and Art

Pre-columbian history has a legendary relationship with Colombian gold, in 1600 BC gold was known to have important symbolic and spiritual meaning, and was used to engage with animal spirits, music, dance, and sunlight. Making Colombian gold jewelry a truly unique experience on its own.

Many stories have been told about magical cities made of gold in South America. The most famous is the lost city of El Dorado, its legend starts its inspiration in Colombia, The famous Muisca golden raft found in Pasca, depicted people making gold offerings to the gods in lake Guatavita.

Colombian Gold in pre-Columbian age Liza Echeverry

Gold is so well integrated into Colombian culture and history that Museums have dedicated to widespread the art of ancient artists and their history and its legend.

The  Colombian Gold Museum has the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold art and jewelry in the world, with approximately 24.000 pieces of gold and tumbaga, about twenty-five thousand objects in ceramics, stone, shell, bone, and textiles. It exhibits pieces from different indigenous cultures settled in present-day Colombia before the arrival of the Europeans.

Design and Tradition

In Colombia, as in all of Latin America, there is a great tradition of excellent jewelers who have distinguished themselves over the years for their unique designs, their high quality in terms of materials, cuts, and pieces, unlimited creativity, and excellent service.

As such, Liza’s art is widely inspired by these concepts while still transforming Colombian gold in modern and elegant pieces of art that reflect various moments of inspiration in a woman’s life, crafting jewelry for strong independent women who like to make an impression wherever they go.

Designer handmade jewelry

Liza is an intensely motivated jewelry designer, extremely goal-driven. She has faced every challenge she has met in the jewelry industry with complete confidence and has expressed true professionalism by showing unique designs and collections that seek to appeal to strong, independent women who wish to make an impact wherever they go with style and beauty.

Each collection and every piece of Liza Echeverry’s products is plated in 24 karats Colombian gold which has been extracted through responsible mining and comes with its certificate of origin following our strict code of sustainability, contributing to the wellness of our people and the beauty of our planet. All Liza Echeverry Jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Medellín, Colombia by local artisans of the highest level.

Every single product of every collection is now available for international shipping.

Liza Echeverry Jewelry Colmbian Gold History

Her gold braided earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants made of exclusively Colombian Gold are a symbol of the connection between tradition, family, femininity, and history, reflecting on strong women’s life, achievements, experiences, and beauty.

She has managed to create a true statement of fashion and culture mixing elegant designs with a rich part of Colombian culture by demonstrating beautiful craftsmanship in the form of the most exquisite rings, necklaces, and earrings making Colombian Jewelry attractive.

Every single product of every collection is now available for international shipping.